Fans Forum 2024

Our 2024 fans forum was held in January and we’d like to thank everyone who came along on a very cold and icy evening.

We know not everybody could get there so thought we would post up just a few highlights from last night. Many things were discussed but the points below are a few things that get mentioned more than anything.

* Reports of HTFC wanting to own/ have the stadium to themselves were put to Richard Thewlis. He explained to the group that it wasn’t realistic and in 20 years of rumours of HTFC wanting full ownership of the stadium they hadn’t ever submitted one offer to purchase it. RT spoke very highly of Kevin Nagle mentioning that KN and Ken Davy had a very good working relationship. If any major decisions are to be made at the John Stadium it requires all 3 invested parties to be in full agreement. He also welcomed any investments into the club from interested parties.

*Ian Watson was asked how he will be utilising the squad through the friendlies. He explained not all first choice players will play against Dewsbury but expected a full strength team run out against London and Castleford. He discussed our kickers and what he expects from them. Most players are training to take kicks. To be a successful kicker the club require an 85% kick success rate.

*It was mentioned that clubs were not asked/ consulted on where Magic weekend would be held. IMG looked at all stadiums but the date affected the venue it could be held due to the football season.

*The club are looking to see if they can do some form of tiered membership package. They will be announcing a few things in the next few weeks.

*RT was asked how hard the club have tried in attracting new fans. He explained they have tried all sorts of ideas, advertising etc. No club has had a huge boom in new season card holders. Some have gone up whilst some have gone down. Nobody has had a truly amazing leap in numbers. They are launching a new app shortly, Score play. This is aimed at younger fans to entice them to games. The sport of rugby league though needs to promote itself to the world and not just rely on clubs alone to promote it.

*RT was asked how close Ian Watson was to losing his job last year. RT stated the club are invested in him and no conversations with Ian of that nature took place as many things were beyond IW’s control. IW stated he puts plenty of pressure on himself and learned a lot about himself, players and the game after a tough year.

*IW was asked his thoughts on why the fans don’t approach the Kilner bank fans after a game. IW said this has been spoken about whilst in Spain as well as meetings with the squad to try to rectify this issue. IW did recommend more fans get on board making noise, congregate together etc. rather than spread out everywhere at away games.

Published On: September 15th, 2023