Meet the Team
Committee Member Martin Eastwood
  • Name: Martin Eastwood
  • HGSA role: Chairman
  • First game attended: 1988 v Rochdale Hornets
  • Favourite all time player: Wally Gibson/Danny Brough
  • Favourite food: most of it!
  • Favourite music: most of it!
  • Other hobbies/interests: Football, Music, Travelling
  • Fun fact about you: I have a twin brother also on the committee!
General Secretary Trevor Kaye
  • Name: Trevor Kaye
  • HGSA role: General Secretary, Joint Membership Secretary, HGSA and Giants Legend, along with his wife Sheila!
  • First game attended: 1949
  • Favourite all time player: Lionel Cooper
  • Favourite food: Chinese
  • Favourite music: Musical Theatre
  • Other hobbies/interests: Rugby, Gardening
  • Fun fact about you: When working for Radio Leeds, I was asked to go to Paris to cover the French side’s match against Leeds. I never did get there as I was held up on the inter-city train to London for what was said to be a bomb scare at the time, I am still waiting to get paid!
Committee Member Neil Atkinson
  • Name: Neil Atkinson
  • HGSA role: Main role is treasurer, Neil deals with our financial matters, also minute taker for meetings and occasional speaker evening host!
  • First game: Fartown terraces 1971
  • Favourite all time player: Brad Drew
  • Favourite food: Roast lamb
  • Favourite music: David Bowie/Mumford & Sons
  • Other hobbies/interests: Local grassroots football
  • Fun fact about you: First ever flight was in a 580-mph RAF Buccaneer jet fighter, attacking a North Sea oil rig!
Committee Member Lee Stanley
  • Name: Lee Stanley
  • HGSA role: Social Media Manager, Lee is our media mogul and top class photographer, videographer, interviewer and occasional Giants squad member!
  • First game attended: 2009
  • Favourite all time player: Danny Brough
  • Favourite food: Anything Italian and meat based
  • Favourite music: Sia
  • Other hobbies/interests: Sea fishing and farming
  • Fun fact about you: I once got caught rearranging 2 gorilla statues into a rude pose in Micah Richards (footballer) house……by Micah Richards. He didn’t see the funny side
Committee Member Darren Eastwood
  • Name: Daz Eastwood
  • HGSA role: Events Manager: Daz organises, manages and hosts our speakers events as well as organising other events such as cricket day etc, he’s not responsible for the weather and lights at Leigh though!
  • First game attended: V Whitehaven at Fartown, 1988
  • Favourite all time player: Wally Gibson
  • Favourite food: Roast dinner, gammon or chicken
  • Favourite music: Classic rock, Jack Savoretti, Magnum
  • Other hobbies/interests: Non-League football, Live music, entertaining Grandchildren
  • Fun fact about you: When I was 16, I bowled Cricket legend Darren Gough out!
Committee Member Janice Hart
  • Name: Janice Hart
  • HGSA role: Joint Membership Secretary and Golden Gamble seller …. I am an expert!
  • First game: Thrum Hall watching Halifax before that
  • Favourite all time player: Present day has to be Leroy
  • Favourite food: Fish and chips at Whitby
  • Favourite music: Dire Straits
  • Other hobbies/interests: Volunteering – the local Church, Kirkwood Hospice and of course the HGSA
  • Fun fact about you: I went for a car ride and a walk on the beach with Paul McCartney and had an ice cream when I was 12 (true story)
Committee Member Bryn Woodworth
  • Name: Bryn Woodworth
  • HGSA Role: Lead volunteer co-ordinator at Laund Hill, Bryn organises and sets up our brilliant volunteer team for the Laund Hill matches.
  • First game: Around 1955, possibly Dave Valentine’s testimonial
  • Favourite all time player: Tommy Smailes
  • Favourite food: Steak Pie and chips
  • Favourite Music: Folk Rock
  • Other hobbies/interests: Writing
  • Fun fact about you: Once got thrown out of Batley Variety Club for fighting on the dance floor (along with rest of football team)
Anne Crabtee
  • Name: Anne Crabtree
  • HGSA Role: General Committee Member, Anne is also part of our lovely Laund Hill volunteer team and occasional minutes taker.
  • First game: Around 1990 (approx.)
  • Favourite all time player: Ryan Hinchcliffe / Leroy Cudjoe
  • Favourite food: anything Italian or Chinese
  • Favourite Music: Too many types to mention
  • Other hobbies/interests: Singing (I sing in 3 choirs), keeping fit and rugby!
  • Fun fact about you: I was part of a choir singing in a massive concert in the Albert Hall who backed: Cliff Richard, David Essex, Glen Close, Tim Rice, Michael Ball, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jane McDonald and various other people! Cliff and David Essex were the friendliest!
Committee Member Mick Ball
  • Name: Mick Ball
  • HGSA role: Women’s team co-ordinator: Mick organises and manages the volunteer team for the womens matches at Laund Hill and is sometimes on the door at legends or doing a Rod Stewart tribute evening!
  • First Game Attended: 2007
  • Favourite all time player: Jermaine McGillvary
  • Favourite food: Sunday roast
  • Favourite Music: All genres of music
  • Other hobbies/interests: Travelling/eating out/spending time with family
  • Fun fact about you: Putting Wakefield trinity mascot in a head lock in trinity walk shopping centre Wakefield after he was making fun of my Giants’ shirt
Bobbie Maiden photo
  • Name: Bobbie Maiden
  • HGSA role: Women’s team lead supervisor
  • First Game Attended: May 2022 (I think!)
  • Favourite all time player: Chris McQueen
  • Favourite food: A good Chinese or Italian
  • Favourite Music: I like a variety, anything to have a boogie to!
  • Other hobbies/interests: Dancing, Acting, travelling, socialising.
  • Fun fact about you: I have featured on TV and no, my full name is not Roberta!
  • Name: Freya Ball
  • HGSA role:
  • First Game Attended:
  • Favourite all time player:
  • Favourite food:
  • Favourite Music:
  • Other hobbies/interests:
  • Fun fact about you:
Published On: December 16th, 2023